Harrisonburg Fire Department’s Cici’s Pizza/Smoke Detector Night

On Wednesday, July 18th, Harrisonburg Fire Department Hosted the 9th Annual Free Pizza and Smoke Alarm Night. With the help of Cici’s Pizza, who was cranking out the pizzas, the fire department delivered 511 pizzas that night! If you called or submitted your order online (1 large pizza), it was delivered by firemen and volunteers. While we were there, we checked all your smoke detectors! I don’t have the number of smoke alarms that were needed or batteries changed, but now we know that over 500 homes have WORKING smoke detectors.

Fire Truck at House

It was an interesting night for me on the truck. I was on Engine 23, a reserve truck, with Firefighter Matt. It seems that reserves are older and this one had no a/c. It was still so worth it to help out this event! I won’t lie, it’s cool being in a firetruck…not comfortable, but cool. You learn so much when you are in an environment that you unfamiliar with. You also tend to use things in ways that they may not have been intended. Like, the bar to grab while getting in…I was holding onto it when we headed toward an EMS call. (Luckily, someone else was able to get the before us, so we continued with the pizzas!) This was definitely more action packed than most events that I do with HFD or Safe Kids, but everything was handled professionally by FF Matt, his wife, and one of our council-members.

The families we visited were extremely grateful for the smoke detector test. One family was so impressed that this program is offered, that they gave a donation! We had kids and families wave at us from front lawns, and I was even able to take to some children about their family fire plan!

I’m always happy to help with this event and can’t wait for next year! Wanda, you know I’ll be there!

Below is the scrapbook page from last year…


2 thoughts on “Harrisonburg Fire Department’s Cici’s Pizza/Smoke Detector Night

  1. This is such a wonderful program. I am glad that I now know that my smoke detectors in my new house work well. It made me smile to see that you used two pictures that you took at my house in your post. Is there still a chance I could have access to the one that you took of me and my children in front of the fire engine? Thanks, Lana Daniels

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