Cupcakes of Alexandria

For our 8 year anniversary trip, we went to Alexandria, VA to spend time before going to National Harbor for the Cirque du Soleil  Totem show. What else would be on my list of things to do, than doing a cupcake tour?!  I’ve done Philly and Georgetown, so I figured I would keep the tradition going.

Sean was not going to be left out and he got one other cupcake for every chocolate cupcake I got. I will let you know his comments as well.

Occasionally Cake-We have had this cake before and I thought I remembered it being really good. This time I had chocolate with marshmallow buttercream…they did not have a chocolate on chocolate. The cake was okay but the marshmallow buttercream was lost on me. I think marshmallow should stay marshmallow and not be made into buttercream. There was too much frosting and too sweet for my sweet tooth.

Sean had a caramel mocha chocolate cupcake and he wasn’t impressed. He thought it tasted a little stale…maybe it was from the day before? We did get to these places at soon as they opened! Also, the frosting was too hard. Definitely disappointed since we had tried it before at a different location.

Lavender Moon Cupcakery-Yuminess! This was my favorite! They have a chocolately Triple Belgian Chocolate cupcake with chocolate cake, chocolate frosting dipped in ganache. It was so good, so rich, and not sweet. The ganache was not hard so it was easy to eat. The whole thing was just good!

Sean loved the Fig & Basil cupcake that we got from here! They have unique cupcakes too. I think this is at the top of his list!

Lavender Moon Cupcakery

Alexandria Cupcake-Good chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate buttercream. This was a really good cupcake with really good frosting. The balance was great and this was also cocoa-y.

Sean went for a peanut better cupcake this time. He said it was good but doesn’t remember the details…the downfall of trying so many!

Alexandria Cupcake

Cake Love-Fuzzy Wuzzy!  This is a chocolate cake covered in chocolate shavings. I tried to get this in the Fair Oaks mall a few weeks ago but they didn’t have it. I had read great things and was very disappointed. This shop was at National Harbor and the service wasn’t great and the cupcakes were stale. The frosting with chocolate shavings was great, but the cupcake was dry.

S’more was Sean’s pick this time! We’ve been thinking about s’mores a lot, but same as mine, it was stale and wasn’t great.

Cake Love

I am really glad I tried all these places, and now I know that if I go back to Alexandria, I will go to Lavender Moon Cupcakery or Alexandria cupcake. I hope you will get to visit these places and make your own opinions! There is one place we didn’t get to in our short trip, Buzz Bakery. Please visit and let me know what you think!

Here’s a Google map of all the cupcake places in Alexandria (and National Harbor!).


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