Bridgewater College Move-in

On Friday, August 24, the freshman moved into the dorms of Bridgewater College and I was there to help! I know I missed out last year, but I know I’ve done it before (I do actually have the shirt!), but it was a pretty awesome day. Just to show how much I wanted to be there, I will tell you how I got there. It was a Friday, therefore Sean had the car in northern VA, luckily I can easily walk to JMU within 20-30 minutes. The first BRCC shuttle comes at 7:17am, to get to this shuttle I had to set my alarm for 5am, get ready and walk a little over a mile to Godwin Hall at JMU. Turns out I didn’t have to get up that early, but oddly enough, I was really awake once I was awake (5:15am). The shuttle heads to BC and I get off around 7:40…plenty of time for an 8am check-in.

While I was waiting I saw Dr. Pierson! One of my favorite people at BC. He would do anything to help anyone and he was a huge part of my college family. I had a fleece jacket on (I was walking at 6:30 in the morning!) so I asked if I could leave it in his office. Of course he was kind enough to do so since he would be on campus most of the day! I really didn’t want to carry it around.

To help move in, I picked Geisert Hall…my freshman and summer dorm! My first room was in the basement, my second was on the second floor, then I moved back down to the basement since I lived there during the summer. Great hall! It has A/C…oh yeah! It was the farthest from everything at the time, but at Bridgewater, that’s not saying much 🙂

The families were so happy to see us! Us alumni and some church volunteers were excited to welcome them to the Bridgewater family. Of course, the first 3 people we moved in were all neighbors on the 3rd floor. Phew! Thank goodness to the former-football-player-now-admissions-council guy who carried all the refrigerators! Funny observation was that almost everyone brought a 24-pack of water. I don’t understand…you can buy water here…you can use a Brita. Very confused and very heavy! Everyone was really nice and thankful. I even helped move in a local. Her parents were in the Citizen Police Academy class I acted in. It was really a great day to help out!

For helping we were able to eat lunch which was pretty good. The m&m brownies were yummy 🙂 As I was ready to start leaving, I went to Dr. P’s office and on the way ran into Dr. Laliker. Almost literally ran into her! I think I may have startled her. I saw her and ran to give her a hug! She, as well as a few others, always seem to think I was just there. It’s crazy since this year is my 5 year reunion! But I was really glad I was able to catch up with her. She was one of the other people who were a big part of my BC family. My Comm family really watched out for me. Dr. Laliker, Dr. Pierson, and Dr. Russ weren’t just professors, they really were like family. They changed my life in so many amazing ways. From the classroom to relationship talk to family talk to career talk, I like to think it sometimes went both ways. All I can say is thank you for being those people that students will never forget!

Bridgewater College is an awesome place to be!


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