D.C. Museum Trip

Thank you LivingSocial and Groupon for helping us have a nice short weekend away! We didn’t get too late of start, but one metro line was down so we had to wait longer than normal for a train. I’m liking the West Falls Church stop. It’s not as crazy as Vienna, costs a little less, and the parking is awesome!

We got off the Metro at Metro Center and I spot a Crumbs. More on that later. But by this point our breakfast had worn off and were looking for somewhere interesting, yummy, and not pricey to eat. We came across Le Pain Quotidien and had a basket of bread with butter and jams. It was a very European type deal but they use many organic and healthy options to create their dishes. Then we were off to the International Spy Museum!

The spy museum was interesting but very very crowded. I wasn’t able to see everything because people were in the way…and I’m short, so I can’t look over them. It was a long exhibit and full of information. You choose a cover story as your first task, and you live that story. There are old gadgets to look at, exhibits to test yourself to see if you have what it takes, and a super sweet James Bond-type car that does a little show. Awesome experience, just wish it was less crowded.

Next up, the National Crime and Punishment Museum. This was more relevant than the spy museum, as it deals with things that we are aware of. You kind of go through a timeline of what were crimes were common during certain times (kissing your wife on a Sunday) and the punishments that went with them (I think he was in the stocks). They have some of the CSI tools to look at and a special lab you can pay extra to go to and learn more about the CSI portion. Many bios of notorious criminals were on display, as well as exhibits like Bonnie and Clyde’s story with a replica car (I believe from a movie?). It started getting creepy when reading about people who have committed insane crimes and those people are still in jail. They even had a story on the guy that went on a shooting spree at Virginia Tech. That hit too close to home (I was a college senior at the time with friends there and Tech is not far away).

Also in the Crime and Punishment Museum is the studio for filming America’s Most Wanted. We didn’t visit since I was ready to head out. All in all, a great little crime trip to D.C. I think a cool museum would be one on all the different law enforcement agencies in D.C. since there are so many! I know I will forget some, but you have the Capitol Police, Metro D.C. Police, the Transit Police, Secret Service, FBI, and the U.S. Park Police. Sorry if I forgot/didn’t know of a few! One thing that I really like about D.C. is that there are police cars sitting everywhere with little blue light flashing so you can see where they are. If you need them, they aren’t far away!

Have you been to these museums? What did you think?


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