Clothes Shopping

The other weekend I was antsy and needed to get out. Where do I end up? Ross. For those who don’t know, Ross is a discount store with sometimes some great finds in shoes, dresses, housewares, and sometimes normal clothes! I hate buying clothes. They are too expensive and nothing ever seems to be just right. I’ve learned from What Not to Wear that most items will not fit right off the rack, but I don’t have the money to alter everything I buy!

For this trip I was just browsing, but got some great items! Winter coming up? How about a $200 Kenneth Cole jacket for WAY less? A purple sweater, grey long-sleeved tee, tan long-sleeved shaw thing, great pair of work pants, and a Nine West suit later, I spent less than the jacket retailed for. All items are ones I loved and fit great (aside from the pants that have to be hemmed…but that’s a shorty’s life). I estimate the retail was about $550 for all of these items. The jacket and the suit were $200 each retail, so I think I made a good guess.

One thing I’ve learned about clothes, buy what you really like. Don’t settle. You’ll just spend more money in the long run when you find something you actually want to wear. I fell in love with 2 pairs of shoes, but sadly didn’t have my size. It’s hit or miss. But I’ve hit a few times and have always been happy with my purchases. Example: we went to Jamaica for our Honeymoon and I didn’t have any dresses. 3 sundresses for less than $45 total! Yeah…HIT!

I’ve never gone Goodwill or consignment shopping, but if anyone wants to show me the ropes, I’m all for it!


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