Less is More

‘Less is More’ is something that seems to keep popping up in my life in various ways. Maybe my insight can help you realize that less can be more too.

Less stuff is less stress! The more things we get rid of, the better we feel. I see U-Hauls when people move in and out and I just think to myself, “We have GOT to get rid of stuff!” I don’t want to fill an entire U-Haul! Granted, most likely when we leave we will not have most of our furniture since only one piece is something worth keeping. But less stuff helps with clutter too. Organizing would help too, but this isn’t about that 😉

We may only have one car, but another one would add MORE debt, more insurance to pay, and another vehicle to maintain. One car is stressful at times, but not as much as you would think.

Less talking and listening more is a goal that I keep trying to accomplish. This is so hard for me, but I am trying. Listening can really affect others around you. I want to be that person you can talk to, not the one whose report card always said “talks during class”.

Sean and I want to make memories and I’m always trying to find something to do, somewhere to go. But I find that I’m happiest with simple things. We love visiting wineries, going hiking, and I love a long weekend in the mountains and valleys. Less has been more for us recently.

And lastly, less debt is more happiness! At least for us. We have paid 2 of 3 of my college loans and putting a huge dent in his. That is an amazing feeling and I can’t wait until we have NO DEBT! Seriously, if you have an opportunity to take a personal finance class, or even read “Total Money Makeover,” you should take it! If you work at JMU, there is a workshop series through Training & Development.

Think about your life and what you really want in it. You might find you don’t want everything you think you do!

Thanks for keeping up with us! I haven’t been updating regularly, but life happens. Hopefully things will get a little more routine, and they’ll be some past events that you’ll be seeing too.


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