Yay Weekend!

Swannanoa Palace

Well, really it should be “Yay Sunday!” I have a bad routine of getting, what I call, Sunday Anxiety. I really enjoy my job and the people I work with, but I don’t enjoy my husband leaving for work and being away for so long. This causes Sunday Anxiety.

This past Sunday, however, was wonderful! Sean figured out some things to do in the Waynesboro area. First we went to Swannanoa which will be beautiful when they restore it. Right now, it is pretty bad off, but it’s still worth a trip. If you watch Downton Abbey, you can kind of see it as a mini one.

We were starving after that! Sean looked up what was close while we headed toward Waynesboro. He always gravitates to Asian food, but that was perfectly fine that day! He found Osaka III in a shopping center area. Oh my gosh. So good! So cheap! We got hibachi for lunch, Sean got the shrimp and I got the steak, less than $20 and it was a good-sized portion! You must go. Now. Go!

Sean was actually in Waynesboro the night before with some friends and saw there was a festival going on. We looked it up and it was happening on Sunday too. So we went! It was the River City Wine & Jazz Festival. It was much smaller than we are used to, but it was also cheaper and somewhere new. One thing we’ve learned about wine festivals is that bigger means very crowded, and you can’t get to all of the wineries anyway. This was a good size. We were able to talk to the people working and learn about wines in general, wines in Virginia, and their specialties.

And now some pictures at Swannanoa…


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