Charlottesville-Ice Skating and Cupcakes

To follow up from my last post, I have decided that I am not going back and writing old posts. It’s in the past, it did not get blogged about, and that’s okay. We’ll just look to the present now!

That leads me into our day in Charlottesville, Virginia. I want the two of us to have new experiences together, but also to not just stay at home all the time. Obviously, we are not in a position to always be out and about, but we can set aside one or two days a month to do something fun/new.

Sean and Jess Ice SkatingSean had never been ice skating and I have been wanting to go back for years. My last trip was with BSU in college…probably about 6ish years ago. Sean is so good and smart in so many ways that sometimes it’s nice for me to feel like maybe I would do a little better on the skates. Um…no! He just kept flying past me. It was awesome. We stopped a few times to practice turning and stopping…we even skated while holding hands (let’s hear the collective “awww”) 😉 It was so much fun. It was incredibly busy and it doesn’t take long for legs to start hurting when you aren’t used to it. But it was well worth the trip.

The unexpected part of the trip were the cupcakes! (Of course!) We just happened to drive by a place that had “cupcakes” on the sign and I mentioned that we will stop on our way out…then we saw another place. I’m just smiling. We didn’t want to go too far out of our way, so we hit two places.

Cappanellos Crazy Cakes

Cappanellos Crazy Cakes

Cappellino’s Crazy Cakes

This place is on the downtown mall and the people who work there are so nice! It is an Italian bakery and most of the recipes have been in the family for years. I got a chocolate/chocolate cupcake (my standard) and Sean got some cookies, including snickerdoodles (his standard). Both were amazing. The cake was perfect and moist and the buttercream was really good too. Definitely a place to stop!

Sweethaus Bakery

This place is set back on Main Street a bit and the inside is as cute as can be!! Again, I got the chocolate/chocolate cupcake and it was delicious! Honestly the biggest difference between the two was the frosting. This frosting was a bit more fudgey/heavier. I would happily eat either one again!

Sean got the Mochaccino cupcake and he just took a bite and looked at me. I think he said “This is GOOD” but I can’t be completely sure 🙂

Sweethaus Bakery

Sweethaus Bakery

It was a lovely day to be out and about and I am so glad we went to Charlottesville, and I’m so proud of ourselves that we did not go to Foods of the World or Whole Foods! Whole Foods does to us what Costco tends to do to people…I know you know what I’m talking about.

Have a wonderful week friends!


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