BBQ Exchange’s Porkapalooza Picture from their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbqexchange

Have you ever been to BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, Virginia? If not, and you live in Virginia, you should. We were turned onto the place because a friend knew we visit the area often for our dentist and for wineries (I realize that doesn’t make sense). Seemed like a good fit, huh? Well, we went once and we keep going back!

Sean’s Pork Belly

BBQ Exchange is right on 33 which makes it super convenient because we practically live on 33 as well…except about 50ish miles away and over a mountain. BUT, if we are looking for a quick trip away, want to visit wineries, or have to go to Charlottesville, we plan it so that we can have lunch there first.

On February 16 they had their 3rd birthday party. When these people throw a party they THROW A PARTY! They call it “Porkapolooza” and it’s an awesome event where you pay one price ($10 this year!), get a wrist band and it’s all-you-can eat pork, cornbread, sides, ice tea, and desserts. Heaven? It’s close! They had a tent on the parking lot and it was family-style seating. We even met a few people since we sat next to them.

This was so worth the trip to Gordonsville! We didn’t hit any wineries this time, but we did return a pair of Sean’s Clarks to the store in Charlottesville because the top part of the shoe separated from the bottom (not cool!). And he was sent a new pair free-of-charge to us directly! I wanted to put in that plug because that is good customer service. We both love Clarks, and now we feel a little more confident when we buy them.

And now I leave you with a picture of one of the two desserts tables. They had maple-bacon donuts! This was an amazing meal at an amazing price.

Porkapalooza DessertsOnly one of the two tables!

Porkapalooza Desserts
Only one of the two tables!


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