Welcome Back!

There has not been a whole lot of activity on here and if you live in our area or are a Facebook friend of mine, you know why. My office handles some extremely large events. With a week-long celebration in March and three days of commencement events in May, my first part of the year has been insane. But now it’s time to settle down.

Sean and I have a trip coming up in June that we are very excited about. Not only that, but, we are creating a brand for ourselves. Since we crave travel, far and near, we have started our brand of A Wanderlust For Life. We hope to blog, vlog, and tweet our travel prep and experiences. I will put some links below. We would love for you to continue following us on this new journey.

Now that all that is out of the way, here’s what is happening with us!

Sean has started playing baseball! This is so exciting for him and for me. I love watching him do what he loves to do. It’s just the best feeling to know your husband is happy…even if he does get a massive bruise thanks to a baseball. And, hey, it doesn’t ever hurt to meet new people and network!

We are trying to be more social! So, if you’re up for it, give us a call so we can hang out a bit. I will be talking to someone from college about starting a young alumni group in our area. Granted, “young” will need to be defined, but whenever we do an alumni event, I swear it’s always people that graduated in 1970 or earlier! There are a bunch of BC alumni in the area, so I can’t wait to see what happens with that. Speaking of our college…my little brother will be starting there in the fall! Holy moly. It is so hard to believe that my youngest brother is heading to college. But I take comfort in the fact that it is an amazing place to be with the most supportive people. People that I considered family for four years, and still go to when needed. I love going on that campus for any reason, and now maybe that will be to take baked goods to my brother!

I’m glad things have calmed down a bit. There may be some positive changes on the horizon for us, but we just have to wait and see. Don’t worry, I will let you know if they happen! So for now, bare with me on the posts and check out what we are trying to get started!



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