I’m a BSB concert addict

NKOTBSB Tour 2011 at Verizon Center

NKOTBSB Tour 2011 at Verizon Center

I do not admit that being a BSB concert addict is a problem. And I would like to clarify: I don’t go see multiples of the same show, I just catch each concert.

It all started in 2001 when my mother took me to the Black & Blue tour as my birthday gift. It was really the first concert that I had asked to go to (way later than most!).  It was awesome! Though, I don’t think my mom enjoyed it so much. But I truly appreciate her taking me!

It just figured that they went on hiatus shortly after that tour. So my next concert was the Never Gone tour in 2005 and my one and only husband took me around our one year dating anniversary. I mean how many guys would do that?! I wouldn’t say he loved it, but we were together and I had a blast and was so happy that I found a man who was willing to do that for me.

Just after college was another tour! I had no idea who to ask to go with me.  Lucky for me, my awesome friend Karen wanted to go. So, in 2008, we trekked up to the pavilion and had an awesome time!  It really makes a difference when you go with someone who enjoys themselves!

They are just cranking out the tours now. In the summer of 2010, Melissa went with me for the This Is Us tour. It’s always awesome, and I don’t remember each one individually. But, I know I had a great time! I usually end up in the same area under the pavilions…don’t know how that happens, but it works out.

Concerts in my area always are within 2 weeks of my birthday or our anniversary…funny how that happens.

BSB and NKOTB joined together to create the MEGA TOUR of NKOTBSB. This one was an arena concert and was different in so many ways. Because it was two groups, they took turns singing and then did a couple together. It was really a great show. To make it even better, Danielle and I got Bronze level VIP passes so we got to go to a Q & A/Sound Check. We were really close and it was awesome because they were just goofing off in front of us. You know they are real, but this made it all feel real. Amazing show. Really.

Next is the In A World Like This tour in the summer of 2013. We are traveling for this one! They aren’t coming to our “close” venue so we’re traveling out of state, but I think it will be great because we’ve wanted to see this city for a while and this is a great excuse! Another big change is that I will be in the PIT! It’s also the first tour that Kevin is back for! I’ve never done that before, so you will definitely get a blog post about that.

Here’s another picture from NKOTBSB!




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