Why participate in Citizen Academy?

The application is up for the Harrisonburg Citizen Academy and YOU should apply if you live or work in the ‘burg.

Are you wondering why? Well, I like being in-the-know in the area I live in. Wouldn’t you like to know how things work?

Here are a few reasons why I think it is worth your time:

  • You meet others who want to get involved and be educated on their city
  • You meet the movers and shakers of the city–make awesome contacts
  • Make friends. Seriously. I made at least one awesome friend and many acquaintances I could call upon.
  • These people make the city run, you should learn what they do
  • You know that one thing that the city does that bugs you? You can finally ask them why. The answer will surprise you.
  • You gain SO much knowledge!
  • It’s FREE!

I wrote about each class when I took it in 2010. I’ll give you a list of classes we had, but please know that they may have changed a bit. Click on the link to read my thoughts on each class!


If you are interested, find the application here.


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