A Little Bit of Everything

I know that neither this blog or our http://www.wanderlustforlife.com blog has not been very active lately. Gathering our thoughts and putting together photos/videos is way more difficult and time-consuming than we anticipated. And a last-minute week-long work trip doesn’t help matters. But, hey, maybe a post will come out of it!

What I can tell you is that we had an amazing trip. We wore ourselves out each day and truly took the time to enjoy our surroundings. We brought back three pieces of art works that either are framed, or are getting framed. I think that art or jewelry from a local is one of the best things to bring back…that and maybe chocolate 🙂

This summer has definitely been full and hasn’t left much time for reflection, but we will get there. We have baseball games almost every week, plus work events, family commitments, and time with friends. I’m not sure how some people blog almost everyday!

Stay tuned for a run-down of HFD’s Cici’s Pizza Night/Smoke Alarm Event!


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