Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp Lunch

There is so much energy, so many smiles, and hugs to go around at the Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp! This camp is for children 8-18 years old who have been burned in some way. The kids do not pay to go to this camp and come from all over the mid-Atlantic. They get to play, learn, and be around other kids that have had a similar thing happen to them.

Dress-up a firefighter contest

The kids stay busy with a ton of activities, games, and interactions. I went with a friend who really wanted to experience the camp ever since she knew it existed, it was a cool experience to have done together. I wore my Harrisonburg Fire Department T-shirt…which ended up getting me picked to do the dress-up event you see in the photo. I told him I wasn’t sure if we’d be there that long since I didn’t know the timing of this event. But really, I wanted him to get a real firefighter! He thought I was one! He and his group ended up with Officer Make Gangloff of Harrisonburg Police Department. He gets dressed up every year. He’s the D.A.R.E.  officer, so he is amazing with kids!

A friend of mine who works for HFD (that’s how I met her!) is a camp counselor this year! So proud of her for doing that. It’s all volunteer and they except donations since that is what keeps them going. In Harrisonburg, right before the camp (last weekend) there’s an Applebee’s night where some of the money spent goes to the camp. This year they raised over $4,000!!

If you know a child who has been burned and would like to go to camp, or if you would like to donate, check out their website here.

Thank you to Wanda who invited me and to Ramona who went with me and asked great questions! It’s great to know more about such an amazing program!


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