In A World Like This – Backstreet Boys Tour 2013

BSB Stage

Whenever I say that I’m going to, or went to the Backstreet Boys concert, I get an “oh!” in a surprise. They are still touring and doing well, so it should be no surprise that I am going!

Exclusive General Admission Pit Package

The way the ticket sales were handled was confusing due to the different kinds and ways and dates of getting tickets, so I ended up getting an Exclusive General Admission Pit Package. This included early admission, a shirt, a tote, and a ticket to the pit. I should have been allowed into the pit before anyone else, but it didn’t happen because of when they opened it. But when you pay a lot for extras in a ticket, you want the extras! I was in line before most, so I got a great spot. It really comes down to logistics for me. There was an extra level of pit that I was unaware of, but I liked my spot.

I was front and center kind of between/behind a short girl (who got a lot of attention from the guys) and a tall guy, we were dead center though! When the guy and his lady moved, I was at the barricade front and center!

The showBaylee

Baylee Steals the Show

Brian Littrell’s son, Baylee, sang us two songs to open the show! Daddy Brian introduced him and was such a proud father! He and LeighAnn (his wife and Baylee’s mom) were watching from the wing. It was awesome. He performs just like his dad. He stole the show and our hearts!

DJ Pauly D

This was a fun ½ hour bit. A lot of fist-pumping, jumping, and singing was a great start to the show. I had no idea what to expect from him but I was glad he was one of the openers!

Jesse McCartneyJesse McCartney

This was the biggest surprise for me. I have heard his songs on the radio but never paid much attention to Jesse. But he was incredible and had so much stage presence! His smile will win you over and it’s just fun to watch him dance. Some girls were there just for him, and I kind of see why. He can definitely put on a show, but he never came down the stage to us. He definitely got us pumped!


No band, no back-up dancers, no props. Just BSB doing their thing. Their stage was amazing with a bunch of LEDs and basically made everything look like a music video.

2nd Group Photo

It’s so hard to figure out what to say about this show because it was just so amazing, but the guys were energetic, fun, and adorable. They put their all into the show and you can see it. We saw them all up-close and personal. I saw some tattoos that are maybe an inch long, noticed small facial changes, and could see how much they were really giving to us. The look on their faces (they were pretty focused!), the sweat dripping off of them, the fun they were obviously having, are all things I’ll never forget.

The experience of being front and center was like no other. You know how they say you don’t remember most of your wedding day because you’re just so excited? A similar thing happened after this concert. I tried so hard to focus, enjoy, and remember, but I have my pictures and those of new friends to remind me. I hope that I am able to do it again, because I definitely would. It was an experience of a lifetime!

I have a bunch more photos, but I purposefully didn’t spend too much time on the phone. I’m lucky enough to have met friends who took great photos and videos!

For more pictures, head to Flickr!


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