Tony Mendez at Bridgewater College

Tony and Jonna MendezOn September 10, 2013 Tony Mendez and Jonna Mendez came to Bridgewater College to speak about how the mission “Argo” really happened, and the back-story of getting it filmed. I was so lucky to attend the pre-convo dinner with them and current students who asked a lot of great questions. You’d never even realize what kinds of jobs you can have in the CIA! They aren’t just all spies you know! In fact, Tony wasn’t hired as a field agent, but he did end of being one as you may have seen in the movie “Argo” with Ben Affleck.

Tony Mendez has a couple books out that you may want to check out, they are definitely on my list! He has such an interesting past, as does his wife, but you will never know about 95% of it. Once a company person, always a company person. Apparently, he didn’t want to declassify “Argo”, but he was under orders to do so. If you are a movie fan, you may find it interesting to know that George Clooney was originally supposed to direct and star in the film, but was unavailable. But Jonna and Tony both said that Ben Affleck was amazing to work with and that he is a great guy, as is his wife, Jennifer Garner. (I REALLY want to meet her!)

Bridgewater is getting some amazing people for their convos. Though my favorite with always be Kari Byron and Grant Imahara from Mythbusters in 2007. One of my favorite days ever. Just after my wedding, then the recent BSB concert 🙂

Some resources:

Wikipedia (Film)
Bridgewater College Convocations List
BC Article on the Lecture


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