New Year’s Eve at JWH

We don’t usually get out for New Year’s because we usually don’t have any plans, and typically Sean’s not even home! But this year was exciting because Sean was off for Christmas and New Year’s Day (and got to leave early New Year’s Eve).

Our good friends Josh and Jamie invited us to the Joshua Wilton House New Year’s Eve dinner. For one price you get to pick your choices from a prix fixe menu, and if you love wine, you pay a bit more for generous pourings for each course. You may know that we love to try our local restaurants, but we have never been to JWH for one good reason…it’s pricey! But, with a prix fixe menu, it helps the wallet by knowing exactly what you are going to spend. So, if you are up for one of the best meals in Harrisonburg for a great value, try one of the two Restaurant Weeks (March and August) or New Year’s Eve.

It took about a second for us to say “yes!” to this invitation. Our friends had gone before so we knew it would be worth every penny…and it was! We arrived a little early even though we live only a few blocks up, so we were shown to the lounge area and our jackets were taken and placed on a rack next to the table we would be dining at. The service from start-to-finish was excellent. The whole evening was more than a meal, it was an experience.

I am not a foodie, and I’m not the biggest fan of “fancy” food. But thanks to my job, my eyes have been opened to new foods and flavors. And I can appreciate more food than when I started there! I am much more willing to try something at least once, than I ever was before. I say this because people who have known me forever will not believe the things I tried during the course of this dinner.


All of the Amuses Bouches were excellent (I didn’t try to salmon but really wish I had!). These portions were smaller than expected, but once the meal was over, I realized it was better that way. Jamie and I got the same first and second courses, Creamy Crab Bisque, and Steamed Shrimp over a Cucumber Dill Salad. Oh my goodness. Both of these were amazing. Couldn’t believe how good it all was. And I gobbled up the salad too! I was so impressed that I am making some Cucumber Dill Salad tonight. Josh and Sean ordered the Foie Gras and Steak Tartare… yes, I tried it. I wouldn’t order it, but I didn’t hate either. Then we all got something a little different for our entrees. I got the Filet Mignon, Jamie got the Lobster Tail and Lump Crab (a sub for the claw they ran out of), Sean got the Duck Breast and Josh got the Sea Scallops. Still, we were all in awe of the quality of this food. The cheese course was teeny tiny, but again, it was probably better that way. It was literally a bite. Then for dessert we each ordered something different. Now, I ordered the creme brulee and they ran out. It was the only thing I really wanted, but we made do and I received the Passion fruit Cheesecake, Sean picked the Peanut Butter Torte, Josh and Jamie each got the Chocolate Hazelnut Tart and Chocolate Pecan Bar. I didn’t try everyone’s dessert because I was beyond full at this point, but everyone did get a taste of mine. I didn’t love it, but if you love Passion Fruit, I’m sure you would have!

Overall this experience was well worth it. Great friends with a great meal made a great goodbye to 2013!

JWH Menu

JWH Menu


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