Friendly City Food Co-op: Bringing local farmers, producers, vendors and cooperators to Downtown Harrisonburg

We LOVE the Co-op. They are our neighbors and although they weren’t open when we moved here there was talk of it. In the beginning, they, mainly Suzi, the Board, and Steve created something that this entire community should be proud of. When they opened it was a feeling of “finally!” to have a store like this not only in our area, but downtown!

Now it’s fun to go in there, notice the newbies with the peanut butter machine, and help them out. We love seeing what is on sale so we can try something new. We love the samples and contests they run. Which type of milk do you like best? Which eggnog? You’ll likely never buy cow’s milk, hemp milk, oat milk, and soy milk at the same time to compare, but FCFC has these activities for you and you can now know you really like oak milk. You learn a lot, you eat healthier, you interact when you enter a pie bake-out, and you buy local. What’s not to love?

Do Downtown

You probably know that Friendly City Food Co-op strives to bring local products from a variety of local  growers, bakers and producers to downtown Harrisonburg. Their collaboration with local vendors means there are local items in every single aisle and every department of the co-op grocery store.

You probably also know that Friendly City is a cooperative, but do you know what that means for you, their Owner or shopper, and how it is related to their commitment to sourcing from local farmers and producers?

At last count, approximately 1500 people in our community, each of who have purchased an equal share, cooperatively own Friendly City. Their Owners are students, farmers, business owners, yoga instructors, lawyers, artists, teachers, foodservice employees, retail workers, writers, massage therapists, parents, Friendly City employees, *enter any other profession/walk of life here* because anyone can be an Owner. Together, these folks elect a Board of Directors who employs the General Manager, Steve.

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