NAACO Conference in Seattle

Seattle from The Westin

My view of Seattle from The Westin

I had an amazing opportunity to travel to the NAACO (North American Association of Commencement Officers) conference in Seattle this past week and am so glad I was able to go! This is a conference for those who plan commencement ceremonies, and since we were new, we had mentors from American University. It was such a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who has this type of job.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

My co-worker and I headed straight to the Pike Place Market when we checked into the hotel, and because we really didn’t have any other time to make our way there, this was our only chance. I love this place. There is a shop for almost everything! So much seafood, art, flowers, chocolates, coffee, and much more. I could have spend all day and all my money in that area. Of course we had to see them throw some fish, but it seems they only do it when someone buys one.

Of course it was raining when we got there on Sunday and again on Monday. Luckily it stopped for Tuesday when we had our evening out at the Chihuly Garden and Glass building and the Space Needle. It was an amazing night! Such a beautiful place to spend the evening meeting people.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass

The planners of this event thought of everything. It was great to see the local sights and we were fed very well. I do wish we had a bit more free time, but really I should have just planned to stay longer! Tuesday and Wednesday were gorgeous days where I just wanted to walk around all over downtown. I really didn’t realize how hilly Seattle is. Our motorcoach that took us to dinner Monday night was constantly scraping the pavement at traffic lights. Guess I just never knew.

On our last morning, my mentor Lisa walked with me a couple blocks to what folks on Yelp! say is the best coffee shop, Caffe D’arte. After explaining to the lady at the counter that I did not like coffee but wanted to try it, she recommended a cappuccino. Later I was told that I should have tried a cafe au lait, but it didn’t matter because I tried it and didn’t like it one bit. Lucky for me Lisa got a few photos of me drinking it (it was proof for my boss since I promised to try), and my reaction. Here you go…

Trying Cappuccino

Trying Cappuccino

Both of the flights were very smooth and coming back the sky was probably the clearest I have ever seen. I got a few great shots of the snowy mountains below. It was a long night, and a long few days, but it was a wonderful experience and hope I get to go to Seattle again!

Over Washington State

Over Washington State


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