The Cutrufellos are moving to…

Amsterdam, in the Netherlands!


As some of you know, Sean has obtained his Italian citizenship which is really the only way we are able to pull this off. I realize there are a lot of questions out there, one being “Why Amsterdam?” Well, Sean’s company has needs outside of London and in Amsterdam and will soon have space in Germany. We have been wanting to move to Europe for years and this seemed like the right time and basically we had to decide between London and Amsterdam.

Now, London is an amazing place, but we wanted something different than a HUGE city. Amsterdam is amazing. We were both there for a day or so years ago and last year we went for a week. It solidified what we felt. I love Amsterdam because it is a European city, but it doesn’t feel huge, and since it’s an older city, it still feels somewhat tight-knit. There’s a lot to do, and even though it’s older, it is quite modern in some respects. Most people speak English (though we fully intend to learn Dutch), and about 10% of its population are expats and there is a big support system there. Did I mention it’s in Europe? Flights throughout the continent are fairly cheap and we love to travel!

There are still a few hoops to jump through for me to live and work there. But we are aware of them and though we don’t really look forward to supplying documents, filling out paperwork, and going to appointments, we know it will be worth it. Once I get residency, I can live and work without restrictions, which is the main goal right now. It shouldn’t be a problem, just annoying, but it’s not like we thought this would be a cakewalk. But life is going to be rather interesting for quite a few months! Wish us luck and send good vibes our way if you don’t mind. We can use all the positive energy we can get!


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