Purging Everything

So, the whole moving across the ocean thing isn’t easy. But one thing that I’ve both been looking forward to, and dreading, is purging our things. I doubt we will ever truly be minimalists, but our feeling on material things have changed. (Though somehow I’ve started loving shoes…go figure)

We have never liked things that just sit on your shelf or things to collect, but we appreciate good quality in the items we use frequently and that are multi-purpose (Thanks Alton Brown!). Right now I’m in the process of selling our small kitchen appliances. It’s HARD. Sean loves his ice cream maker and the food processor is something that just makes life so much easier. And the Kitchen Aid mixer? Who doesn’t love theirs? Luckily, my mom is babysitting that for us 🙂

Where our beloved appliances lived.

Where our beloved appliances lived.

We both have things that we’ve held on to for far too long for no good reason. As much as we don’t want it or need it, we don’t just want to throw it away! Obviously any amount of money to come in is very helpful at this point, so we are trying to sell everything we can, but some more obscure things, like a stamp collection, was given away. I’m glad it was to someone who has a dad that collects.

This entire space was full (but no, it's not all the clothes I'm taking!)

This entire space was full (but no, it’s not all the clothes I’m taking!)

We are also taking a serious look at our shoes and clothes. We cannot take everything, and we don’t want to. I want to make sure we each have shoes for certain occasions (I don’t have all the right shoes even now!). I have some super-cute shoes, but I have to think about how often would I wear them, and can I wear them in a city where I’m not driving everywhere and I might have to stand in the tram. Some clothes I can’t wait to get rid of, so that’s an awesome feeling!

Less than 1/2 of the shoes I had 6 months ago

Less than 1/2 of the shoes I had 6 months ago

Simply put, there have been too many things in this apartment. We started purging a bit a few months ago. Some places we have been or will be donating to are: Goodwill, First Step, Massanutten Regional Library, Cats Cradle, HHS Prom Dress Drive, Gift & Thrift, our offices, and our friends and family. Keep these organizations in mind if you feel the desire to purge! It’s great to see so much less in this place!

What’s the one thing you wouldn’t be able to part with and would take anywhere in the world?


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