A Letter to You

It may seem like we are happy to leave everyone we know and love (aside from each other of course!). That is so far from true. We are excited, yes. But not to leave you. We are excited to go on an adventure and to start a new chapter in our lives.

Hunts & Cutrufellos

Hunts & Cutrufellos

 You all are who made us who we are. You raised us, you comforted us, you told us the way it was, you have been our confidant, shoulder to cry on, person to watch movies or drink wine with, and really just you have been there for us. But we have to stay focused and on course for this to work out. There can’t be any major doubts, and there aren’t.

Jess & Jamie

Jess & Jamie

 A couple friends have actually asked if it’s wrong that they are staying here, and that everyone seems like they are moving. No, of course it’s not wrong. You need to do what is right for you! People come and go because that’s what they feel is right for them. It might seem like everyone is leaving because summer seems to be an easier time for that to happen. But you will make new friends and you will keep old ones. We may be leaving the area, but we aren’t leaving you as a friend.

Jess, Jamie, Karen

Jess, Jamie, Karen

Hard doesn’t even begin to describe this process. We will miss you all but we want and need your support and encouragement! This is already an incredibly emotional leap. But we will stay in touch, we will visit, we will Skype…and hopefully YOU will visit US! I know I’ll be crying a lot in the next month, but let’s just hug and say “see you later”. Besides there’s always Facebook and chat!

Side note: I need more pictures of friends! I may just start carrying around a camera for the next month! Be prepared 🙂

Wanda & Jess

Wanda & Jess


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