The Last Time

Court Square
With so little time left in Harrisonburg we keep thinking about when I last time doing certain things will be. When’s our last trip to Friendly City Food Co-op? When’s the last time we’ll see so&so?

Because we really don’t want to be thinking about last times and people we may not see again (realistically), so we’ll be living for the day from now on. It’s really a shame when we think that we have lived in Harrisonburg for 7 years (a couple more for Sean) and there’s still restaurants we haven’t tried, people we never got to hang out with, and events we never attended.

Jack Brown's

Jack Brown’s

It’s been the little things that I randomly think about, the people I just run into, the food trucks we enjoy but don’t visit often, that just makes me so sad.

I think it’s better to not know when it’s the last time, but at the same time, an extra tight hug is necessary for a goodbye. I’m going to miss my college friends just as much as my new friends. You all have made an impact on us, so thank you for that. I am so thankful for Facebook, GChat, and Skype, and I can’t wait to stay in touch those ways.

Our home

Our home

If you have Skype, would you mind sharing your name with us? Here’s a link to a Google Form and is super quick!


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