Icelandic Layover

Sunrise in Iceland

Sunrise in Iceland

There’s a lot to write about but it’s been a while since any post, so I thought I’d share my photos from Iceland. I arrived at 6:30am Icelandic time (2:30am EST) and got my tea and ate a snack to feel like it was a normal time in the morning for me. Then, I got my bus ticket for the Blue Lagoon and waited in the downstairs area. Here are some photos from the airport to and from the Blue Lagoon.




It was surprisingly warm so the water wasn’t that big of a shock. What was a shock, was the amount of people already in the water! I didn’t stay in too long, but then lounged in the resting area overlooking the water. After getting dressed again, I went up to the observation deck to get a few photos too.





Always a nice visit to Iceland. I hope we can go visit for longer next time!


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