It’s a roller-coaster over here right now. We do a lot of waiting. This process has been very different than I expected, but not in a bad way. Life is just completely different. We don’t really go “out” much since we are conserving money, but we will head into the center some days to walk around, get some fries or a cupcake and maybe sit at a cafe and have a drink while people-watching. But much of the day, and most days we are home where we are looking and applying for work, doing housework, grocery shopping every 2-3 days, building our blog brand A Wanderlust For Life, learning about social media, and trying to stay on top of what is happening in the U.S., all while learning more about the city we live in, and some days learning the language.


The only people who know what we are going through are people who have done what we have done. There are a ton of changes like time, temperature (seriously, why can’t everyone use the same system?!), money, sizes, and the metric system. But then you have to figure out how to get around, where to find everything you need (hairdryer, cough drops, etc), and how to make friends. This is all very exciting and usually fun, but it’s just a lot! You know those days when you are just completely mentally exhausted that you just want to sleep and be left alone? That was us for the first couple weeks. We miss people, but sometimes talking to them and answering questions is harder than just not talking to them. When we get fully settled and feel more confident about everything, I think we will open up a bit more. For now it’s just living day-by-day and trying to enjoy this adventure we call life.


You might ask, “If it’s so hard, why do it?“. That is such an easy question. Because it’s not the norm, we needed to shake things up, and we needed to be challenged and pushed a little bit. Complacency doesn’t sit well with us for very long. This makes no sense to some people and I completely understand that, but this is what feels right for us. And even in the midst of not knowing a lot of things, this is still an amazing experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

In case you are wondering, I’ll have some blog posts up for you about grocery shopping, how we get around, and a few others…just need to get some photos to go with them! If you think of anything you want us to fill you in about life in Amsterdam, let us know!


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