Your Own Path

Social media. It’s what I do now and it is something that will always fascinate me. I love being able to “follow” people from high school, college, and of course my family. I try to make a quick video each week and post it on Facebook for those friends and family to see, and in a way, for them to still be part of my life here.

I love seeing the babies, the engagements, and weddings. I love the excitement that people show and I feel sad for my loved ones when they are going through hard times. And I love the photos…more photos please! But people also compare themselves to everyone else on Facebook. Is it safe to say we all do it? I think so. And yes, we typically show the best parts of our lives, so it might be easy to be a little jealous of certain things. If you are single and all your friends are getting engaged, it can be hard. And if you don’t know when you’ll have a kid and all your friends seem to have the cutest little bundles of mini-me’s, it can make you feel like you are falling behind. But my life makes me happy and your’s should make you happy

This brings me to paths. I’m not going to get all religious on you because that’s not what this is about. Paths can be those you choose, or those that just happen. We can’t control everything in life and that’s okay. But I hope that you are working towards whatever path you want. We have a lot of friends that had a very specific plan for their lives. A great example is the graduate college-start work-get married-buy house-have kid plan within 5 years. I never knew what my plan was going to be…and really I still don’t. But I’m trying not to compare myself to others because I am happy with where I am and who I am with. I don’t wish for any difference in my life at the moment.

Please don’t judge others on their path. If a couple isn’t married and don’t know if they will ever get married, you shouldn’t care. If a couple doesn’t have kids, don’t say they need them to make life complete. If a person isn’t part of a couple, accept them for who they are and their independence. As I get closer to that age that women don’t seem to want to talk about, I do wonder about life. I wonder where I am heading. All I know right now is that Amsterdam is where I am supposed to be and I want to see the world.


2 thoughts on “Your Own Path

    • Aww thanks Dee! Sometimes you just have to say things when you are so passionate about them. You were quite the inspiration for me when you went and made your own path! So, thank you so so much for making me know it was possible!

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