IT Partner’s Networking Event

Booking wall

Since Sean has started working at it’s been obvious how much they are there to support the employee; but what we have found out recently is that they really want to help the partner of the IT employee as well. I don’t know all the details about how the departments differ in their support of partners, but I recently went to an IT (Department) Partner’s networking event. To be fair, I think most of is IT. But either way, it was a great event!


They started the afternoon off with a coffee and muffins so we could chat with the others attending. I met a woman who just landed just 4 days earlier! It’s so great that she was able to take advantage of this opportunity to meet others so quickly. Then we had a session on how to network. It was informative and full of good stories. After our break, we went into a session about getting to know yourself better. It was very interactive! I didn’t mind that so much, but I didn’t really understand it. We were asked to describe someone’s traits just by looking at them. Are you confused? I was too. But it did create a lot of smiles and laughter.

Finger foods

The real mingling came after that session. Our partners got to come and join us to meet the other IT partners and mingle with their co-workers! There was food and drinks involved which seems to help any situation. had also brought in various organizations and businesses that might be useful, particularly for the new arrivals. Everything from mortgage information to gyms to language classes to hair salons…they had a little bit of everything.

Such a cool experience! A big thanks to for really reaching out to the partners so they can meet and mingle as well. I loved meeting new people and even got some email addresses to connect with later. This is just another reason that I am trying to find a position in the company as well. They really take care of their people!


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