Pentatonix Concert

Image credit: Live in Limbo

Have you heard of the A Capella group called Pentatonix, or PTX for short? I’m not even sure how long ago I heard about them, but I am pretty sure I heard about them through our friend Rebekah on Facebook. I watched them on YouTube and got blown away at some of their songs. My favorites are “The Evolution of Music“, “Daft Punk“, “Mary, Did You Know?“, and “On My Way Home“. Check them out!

We got tickets a few months ago to see Pentatonix in Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall in April. It was our first concert in Amsterdam and we were so excited that it was an A Capella group. They sounded absolutely amazing. They even did one piece without microphones and we could still hear them in the back of the standing area! And yes, we stood…and I am short. But it happens. It was still a great concert! Because all the instruments are their voices, there was no way the music could be too loud like it seems to be at many concerts. It was all equally balanced to create a wonderful sounds.PTX Amsterdam

So, Scott, Mitch, Kirstie, Avi, and Kevin, thank you for an amazing show and spending two nights in Amsterdam. Hopefully you were able to experience a little bit of King’s Day, too!



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