Firefighters of The Netherlands

DSC_2012One long weekend we decided we wanted to get out of Amsterdam and see more of the Netherlands. So we found a great day ticket that included travel all over the country for a very low price. So, what do we do? We go just about as far as the national train would take us…to Maastricht. This is in the province of Limburg (not anywhere near North or South Holland). It is an area that is actually surrounded by Belgium.

While walking around we came across a role-play demonstration with the police and fire departments. We found it when they had already started so it took a while for us to figure out that nobody was actually in danger.

firefighting collage

The firefighters were in their turnout suits (minus the jackets) and played people who were that “wrecked” car. The police were holding them back and eventually got one on the ground and in handcuffs. But when they both started laughing, it became obvious what was going on. Those men (the officer and firefighter who was handcuffed) walked to right in front of me as they took the cuffs off.

They eventually got the door off of the car with the jaws of life and rescued the passenger. He stood up and everyone cheered!

After the presentation I really wanted to get a photo of some firefighters in front of the truck for my dad for Father’s Day and they were happy to oblige.

Dutch Firefighters 1

Dutch Firefighters took a photo for me after a demostration

I told the guy that my dad, my brother, and my friends were firefighters and they would love a photo. And the guy in charge told all the other guys, that it was just my friends (in Dutch…I can understand that much!). Then I interrupt and say “en mijn vader, en mijn broer!”. They were all very interested and asked to see photos, so I showed them. They loved it.

Then the guy got all the guys together for a photo, just for me. I was so happy! Especially since I almost did not ask because I was embarrassed. Then he said his other colleagues just got there and they would be taking another photo soon for the department. So, I got that one too!

What a day! Sean just could not believe that we came across this demo. I mean, how often does something like that actually happen? And what are the chances we would have come across it? I don’t know, but I am glad we did!



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