Independence Day in Amsterdam

The Library with Flag

There are some holidays that you just aren’t quite sure what to do with yourself. Maybe it’s not celebrated where you are living, or you feel like you should acknowledge it, but not sure how. It was definitely that way with Christmas, but Independence Day is such an American holiday. How do you even celebrate that abroad?

Red White Blue Flowers

Maybe you have friends who can get you into the American Consulate for their party, or maybe you have friends who own a wine shop with a Dutch and an American owner. They are sure to throw a party!

US Consulate in Amsterdam

When I met one group of friends, I found out about the Consulate party. I jokingly said “How do you get invited something like that?”. I believe the answer was “Just hang around here long enough!”. Of course, that was not the reason we hung around, but it’s so funny that 6 months later we were invited to the United States Consulate in Amsterdam for their Independence Day party.

Red White and Blue

It was PACKED! Unfortunately, Sean was not able to go, so I met up with some friends when I got there. I was decked out in my navy blue dress with white polka-dots topped off with a borrowed red belt and a pin with the USA and Netherlands flag. So patriotic!

The Library

The wine was from California, beer from the U.S., cocktails from Hard Rock Cafe, American sodas, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Starbucks iced coffee, with wedge salad, hamburgers, and hot dogs floating around. Following all of that, a delicious looking chocolate brownie was passed around, as well as mini lemon meringue pies. What a tasty event!

California Wine

I did not get a lot of photo due to the nature of the event and not wanting to be “that” person. But I feel like I should be that person more often.

Shoshannah and Me

With my fellow American, Shoshannah

On the actual 4th of July we headed to The Library. This place is practically our living room at this point…as well as many other peoples’. It was a HOT day (perfect, right?) so we headed over for the evening. I ended up standing in the kiddie pool (there were no kids) while sipping the Cava that El Bulli once served. Lots of friends were there and the smell of burgers and bacon filled the area. American flag decorations were everywhere and all-American songs and videos were playing. What a fun and chill way to spend the 4th of July abroad.


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