Couples pictures

Photo by Kelvin Wu

I think it is important to continually take photos throughout your relationship, friendship, time away, while traveling…really for everything. Sadly, memories fade and I love to have something else to hold onto. We wanted photos for our 5 year anniversary but just weren’t quite sure how to go about it. Through our time in Amsterdam, we knew that our friends at Fat Pao did some amazing photography. We’ve seen Kelvin’s food pictures and they will make you drool. You should check out the Fat Pao page and thank me later.

When we were asking around for someone to do our photos, Kelvin and So Yie offered to help us out. We were so thrilled because: (a) They are awesome people (b) Kelvin takes amazing photos (c) It would be so much fun!

Oh my goodness. I can’t even tell you how happy these make me. And to relive the fun we had while making them is just a bonus! We really wanted to get the essence of Amsterdam, and I think these accomplished just that. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!

Before we got started, the four of us enjoyed a burger at Lombardo’s

Photo by Kelvin Wu

Heading over the Amstel River

Photo by Kelvin Wu

Over one of the many canals with the XXX imprinted on the bridge. (It’s the symbol for Amsterdam)

Photo by Kelvin Wu

On a side street in the Center, you really can find quiet streets when you turn a corner.

Photo by Kelvin Wu

How cute is this art on a wall in Amsterdam

Photo by Kelvin Wu

Love this city!

Photo by Kelvin Wu

Our attempt at making a heart!

Photo by Kelvin Wu

All photos are by Kelvin Wu. Please do not use any of these photos without permission!



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