Where has the summer gone?


I can’t believe September is almost here! I see posts about going back to school and people posting their vacation photos. Where has the time gone?

In Amsterdam there are so many things to do. So so many things. With over 300 festivals it’s hard to pick which to go to.

It really started in May with the Rollende Keukens (the Rolling Kitchens). It’s a ton of food trucks in Westerpark. The entrance is free and you can roam around all you want. With almost every type of food you can imagine, it was overwhelming and delicious!

RK collage

June was full of adventures! From my 30th birthday party on the roof, until the U.S. Independence Day party at the consulate (it was at the end of June for some strange reason!), this month has us very busy.

Birthday Group

We were able to celebrate The Library’s 1 year birthday party with our new friends from there. I even tied for Coolest Member with Shoshannah of Awesome Amsterdam! But in my opinion, all the members are super cool.

The Library

Thanks to Yelp, we were able to attend Taste of Amsterdam. Though it was a really fun event, it rained on us which had us trying to find shelter. Great idea though, and we look forward to next year, when we’ll hopefully have a guide!

AlkmaarIn one weekend we managed to get to Alkmaar for their Cheese Market and took a canal cruise that we’ll never forget. We also finally got to meet the partner of one of Sean’s former co-workers. She met us for lunch and gave us a bit of history. So lovely! The next day we took a 2.5 hour train ride to Maastricht…just about the farthest from Amsterdam while still being in the Netherlands. We managed to get there on their gay pride day. Colors were everywhere, bands were playing, and there was an atmosphere of happiness in the air. We also saw some really old buildings that have withstood the test of time.


Red White and BlueTowards the end of the month we were invited to a tasting of the Hard Rock Burger Tour. How cool is that?! We enjoyed 4 various burgers (in slider form), and some signature cocktails. So glad we were able to go and visit with other Yelpers as well.

To cap off June, I went to the U.S. Consulate General’s Independence Day party held at the Consulate. I donned my red, white, and blue and joined some friends for all things American. From the wine, to cocktails, to burgers, ice cream, coffee, and hot dogs, it felt a little bit like home.

July was fairly quiet for us since we need to slow down a bit, but we did spend a couple lovely evenings with Yelpers. Since I love Yelp and am an elite member (meaning I’m very active), there was a BBQ for us to enjoy just outside the center. What a perfect evening! Great company, food, wine, and weather. You learn to take advantage of the good weather here. And my photos from the Diary of an Amsterdammer project were one of a few selected to be showcased at Filter in Amsterdam. So, we went to the opening event there courtesy of Yelp.

Yelp Chair

Photo by Dennis Veldman

August brought a whole new set of events. It all kicked off with Gay Pride! This is HUGE in Amsterdam and includes a canal parade that lasts for hours. Boats full of people dancing while in colorful outfits set the festive mood. Everyone has a good time during Gay Pride.

GP Casino

Another food truck event, Kookt (can there ever be too many?) was in Noord–officially part of Amsterdam, but feels completely different. It was a tasty adventure through a maze of food trucks and stalls.


When the weather is nice, a group from The Library sometimes gets a boat and BBQ and drink while sailing through the canals. Can you think of a better thing to do in Amsterdam on a nice day? I can’t! We loved it! Can’t wait for next year.

BBQ Boat

I even went to one performance during the Grachtenfestival at Museumplein. It was a band that played New Orleans style music. So much fun! And it’s just out there. It’s free and is a good time. What’s not to love?


Whether it is or not, SAIL Amsterdam felt like the closing of the summer. Sure, there’s the Bacchus Wine Festival that we loved last year that is early September, but it doesn’t feel as summery. SAIL is once every five years, and we are so glad we we able to watch SAIL IN and watch them head back out. We missed out on a lot of the actual events, but heard it was a good time.

SAIL Amsterdam

So, that was summer. We enjoyed it the best we could. We didn’t travel as much as we would have liked, but that’s okay. We’ve had fun and that’s what we want out of life.



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