World Travel Market – London

In early November I embarked on a journey to learn more about the travel industry, meet fellow travel bloggers, and speak with various industry professionals.

It was exciting, scary, exhausting, and productive. I met so many great people and I hope to build on those relationships. I am not, and don’t want to be a travel blogger that feels entitled and just wants things from people…it’s about the human element for me. It’s about creating interesting and inspiring content and showcases places that those on the regular path might miss out on.

If you’re interested in reading more about the World Travel Market and my experience, you are welcome to read it all over on A Wanderlust For Life. But here, I’m going to share some of the other fun stuff I got to do in London!

For the most part I was at the ExCel (the convention center), but I did manage to go to The Who Store, take the Emarits Air Line, go on a food tour, and get a photo with some cops. That sounds more like me right? Doctor Who, cable car, food, and cops. Yep.

The Who Shop

For Christmas Sean got me a stuffed Adipose from the Doctor Who show. He is super adorable and it was a Doctor Who themed Christmas! Well, knowing I was going to try to get to The Who Shop, I took Bob (the Adipose) with me to get a photo with the T.A.R.D.I.S. The guy is the store was super nice. I mean, he sees Whovians all day. And then he told me that the owner has an Adipose too, and his name was Barry. He suggested that Bob and Barry take a photo together. Aren’t they cute?! Those who don’t understand, I can’t help you 🙂


Twilight SoHo London Food Tour

Oh man, so so delicious! I was invited on this food tour in London by Eating Europe, and it was fabulous…except for the rain. Stupid rain. Our tour guide shared so much cool knowledge with us and the bites and drinks were the perfect amount. Surprisingly, I’d say my favorite was the meat pie. I think it was just the perfect thing for that night. Warm meat in a flaky pastry on a cold and wet night. Sounds about right. I wrote an entire post about it, you should check that out if you want to be hungry.


I can’t tell you how happy I am that I went to this conference. I felt so guilty about spending money to go. I mean, I don’t know where A Wanderlust For Life is going. Will it be popular? Will it inspire? Does it give enough information? Does it have enough personality? Is it easy to read? Are the photos good? So many questions!

But I came back with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation. So I can’t wait to see where we go from here!


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