What’s Up 2016?

Goals. Goals. Goals.

We all have them (I think), but do we really pay any attention to them?

I struggled this last year on focus and direction in various aspects of my life. And now, after a holiday break, I feel more like the me I should be. The me that plans. The me that gets excited. The me that has drive.

You might ask, “What happened to that Jessica?” Most of you won’t understand this, but leaving everything you know and starting all over does something to a person. For the most part, it is an amazing experience that makes you grow in ways you didn’t know was possible. It makes you think and process more than you knew you were capable of. But it also stretches every mental capacity to where you are just tired of everything and tiring of thinking.

2015 was a pretty good year for us. No complaints. But we were just going through what we had to go through. It’s when Sean started his current job, when I started mine. When we got insurance. When we figured out how to go to the doctor and dentist. Made friends, and planted some roots.

Think about that for a second. First of all, that’s not even half of what we dealt with, but that’s a lot to do in a year. You think about going to a doctor, but you don’t think much of it. You’ve been doing it since you were little. Sure, you might have had to find a new one at some point, but you knew the process.

So, in 2016, now that we are more confident in our everyday life, we can move forward. I really think we needed that time. And I’m happy with that. We are going to grow A Wanderlust For Life by working with destinations, adding affiliate links, and hopefully growing our audience a lot. I have personal goals, but I don’t want to put them out there quite yet.

How will we do that? By posting twice per week, engaging on social media, networking and asking our favorite people to share their favorite post! It’s all about exposure and the right people finding us.

Other than that, I can’t wait to share all of our trips with you! I think we’re going for the #Take12Trips challenge…so I’ll keep you updated!


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