Finishing my 30th year

I thought I’d care when I turned 31. I thought I would feel old. I don’t. I do however feel like I need to make the most of my life.

The insight I have into myself and my body gets better each year. I understand when I need help, whether it’s to talk it out with a friend, head to the chiropractor, or need to cry it out. A good cry can really do wonders!

My dreams are similar to last year’s except they have a little more fire behind them. Priorities have changed a bit and that has helped Sean and I to focus on what’s most important for us.

Jessica's Birthday Party

One of my favorite things about birthdays, are birthday parties! I love having a bunch of my friends together in one place. Some know each other, some don’t, and that’s a lot of the fun! I love having food for my friends and everyone just hanging out enjoying themselves.

We had a cookout, like last year as we don’t know if we’ll be able to have a grill next year and wanted to take advantage! It was good. We had great weather after they called for days of thunderstorms. It was even HOT!

Afterwards, we headed to our friends’ place, The Library for their store’s birthday party. It’s 2 years old! We’ve made so many friends there and was happy to share my birthday with them. Last year I tied for “Coolest Member” with the super sweet Shoshannah, and this year, they asked me to announce the award for “Best New Bar” and my favorite, Porum, won! (If you want a peak of that bar, it’s at the end of this video I did with Amsterdam Calling).

The craziest, nicest part was that the whole room sang me “Happy Birthday!” while I was on stage and I was presented with a cupcake. Talk about emotional.

When people make jokes about why you move to Amsterdam (sorry, still have never had marijuana), it’s easy to explain how far off they really are. I am grateful for my community and my friends.

Thank you for another AMAZING year!


One thought on “Finishing my 30th year

  1. Hi Jessica, belated happy 30th birthday. Looks like we have things in common. I do love having a bunch of my friends together in one place too. By the way, your friends are awesome.

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