My Brother Moves Into BC

Bridgewater College got its newest class of freshman on August 30, 2013. I usually take that day off to help the freshman and their families move into the student’s newest home. This home will change their lives in some way. They will learn so much, but not just about academics. They will learn about what they want from life, they will learn to reflect, they will learn who they are, they will learn how to socialize, how to speak in front of people, how to think critically, and so much more!

Justin Moves To BCI love my brother so much and he knows how excited I am to have him so close. I’m just trying to let him be for a while so he can adapt to his new surroundings. The college has changed so much, but the move-in process stays pretty much the same. You move in before lunch, have lunch with parents and say good-bye. It’s usually an emotional day for all involved. Both Justin and myself have been pretty independent, and with parents so close, it’s not too much of an emotional good-bye.

My brother will likely never read this, but I’m so proud of him and whatever he decides. I just can’t wait until he has some independence under his belt to make well-thought out life decisions. I know he’s in a community that will help his succeed if he takes advantage of what is available. I know we are very different, but I hope he finds that BC is home too. He is now part of my second family as well as being my brother. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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